Lee Fields & The Expressions ‘Just Can’t Win’ Can’t Lose With This Marco Polo Remix


Lee Fields & The Expressions' continued soul searching is a seemingly never-ending gift that keeps on giving. Their newest album, Emma Jean on Truth & Soul Records, saw light earlier this year and contained the track "Just Can't Win," a satisfyingly authentic slice of soul music. Fresh off the press though comes this remix courtesy of Marco Polo, the Toronto-born producer who has worked with many of the great and good on the New York City hip-hop scene. His twist is a slight, yet warmly welcome one, layering extra drums into the mix along with laid back, languid keys adding more punch to the track. The backbeat now booms and snaps with intent and adds a greater urgency to the song, while complimenting Lee's gravelly tones beautifully. Just can't win? More like no way to lose.

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