Maxine Ashley Wants To Be ‘By Your Side’


We last heard from Maxine Ashley in June alongside UK house duo Billon as the voice on their breakout hit "Special." Now with a one-two punch Sugar Ray Leonard would be proud, she's looking for her own breakthrough and drops both the visuals for "By Your Side" and the news that her EP Moodswings will be available for our consumption on September 15th. With confirmed involvement of Pharrell Williams, Kendrick Lamar and Two Inch Punch on her debut project, Ashley's Moodswings may find itself in heavy rotation this fall.

For "By Your Side," the video directed by Tragik is a perfect fit for this slightly off-kilter song of love and obsession. There is an intimacy in Maxine's delivery that echoes the never parted couple and the black-and-white New York City scenes mirror the two lovers on screen. For the clean cut beauty of Maxine there are Brooklyn Bridge vistas, while for her tattooed and pierced beau, there are less auspicious, seldom seen parts of NYC. Their appearance together is as striking as their public displays of affection. If these two aren't a couple, they're at least very good actors.

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