Mayer Hawthorne Commits His ‘Crime’ To Film


Mayer Hawthorne is busy touring the country with his partner in crime 14KT as Jaded Inc., but that didn't stop the multitasking crooner from linking with actress Rashida Jones, who plays director this go around, to create the long-awaited video for his Where Does This Door Go? single, "Crime."

The video follows Mayer as he gets ready for an exclusive white party. But after he gets dressed to the all-white nines, he realizes that he has a long way to go...literally. Our favorite blue-eyed soul crooner ends up taking a bus, getting an intense frisking, taking a paddle boat, paragliding and walking some more before he ever gets to his destination. It's all pretty harrowing, but upon making it to the "party," Mayer ultimately realizes that he was the party all along.

The clip is pretty fun and funny, though we wish that Mayer's partner in rhyme for the track, Kendrick Lamar, hadn't (literally) phoned it in for his appearance in the clip. Still, the song is a bona fide jam and the video is a pretty fresh and unique take. Check it out for yourself right here.

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