Morning Soul: Why R U The Only Thing That I Care About?

  • If Beyoncé is pregnant, she's hiding it awfully well in these provocative new bikini photos on vacation with Jay Z. [YAHOO]
  • The Carters are also shopping for a new house and have their eye on an $85 million mansion in Beverly Hills. [NYDN]
  • Jhené Aiko surprised fans with a pop-up show at a Los Angeles marijuana dispensary. [LAT]
  • Common sat down with to speak about including younger artists on his latest album, Nobody's Smiling, the importance of exposing youth to various art forms and more. [GRAMMY]
  • Patti LaBelle's bodyguard is on trial for opening up a can of whoop ass on a former West Point cadet at a Houston airport at her behest. [BB]

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