Noel Gourdin Exercises His ‘Patience’

Noel Gourdin
's most recent album, City Heart, Southern Soul, was released in February, and although it's taken a few months, he's finally releasing the second single from the project. If you own the album then you've no doubt already heard the throwback soul of "Patience," which finds Noel singing about a pretty young thing who's caught his attention. She has him open and is more than likely "the one," but he chooses to slow his roll and be patient until she comes around. "Patience" is a sweet song that fits right into Gourdin's City Heart, Southern Soul aesthetic.

The single is now being serviced to radio and a video is in the works, so expect to hear and see more of Noel in the coming weeks as he reminds us all that he's still in the game.

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