Sidibe Just Wants To ‘See You Girl’


In the midst of all the EDM, future soul and the burgeoning house revival that continues to pound and pulse, it makes one wonder: Is there is a place for slow jams and ballads anymore? It's usually an extra-special case when a cool, calm and reflective track comes our way these days. Sidibe, a singer/songwriter coming fresh out of Los Angeles, managed to push the pause button to my day with her single, "See You Girl," and from first note, I was taken aback and thrilled. Not only is it a pure and piano-driven slow jam, but it's got a heartfelt vibe that diverts from the haunting melancholy we've become accustomed to recently from the likes of Rochelle Jordan, Banks and Jessie Ware. Sidibe is far from brooding, as she possesses a vocal that is controlled, even and downright angelic and matches and swirls together her influences of Janet Jackson and Kate Bush.

Sidibe mentions on her Instagram account (which is quite lovely to view, by the way) that she wrote "See You Girl" after a gal pal got her out of a writer's block funk by simply encouraging her to write. Thus, Sidibe penned a song praising the love and support that is shared between women, from mothers to lovers to sisters to friends. In a 2014 kinda world, Sidibe is just saying she's glad we've all got our girls. So if you're feeling the sisterhood or just want a little mood music to get over the mid-week hump, then Sidibe not only has this stunner, but other soulful treats to unwrap as her recently dropped EP, Metaphysical, is available for streaming via her SoundCloud page and she continues her quest to spread all the good love around.

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