Thundercat’s ‘Turbo Tron’ Is Not Your Average Cat

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In case you haven't noticed yet, bassist and all around character Thundercat definitely marches to the beat of his own drum. This fact is especially evident when you look at his track record with music videos. I mean, who could forget celeb-filled video for his single, "Walkin'"? Now he's back with an equally head-scratching clip for his single, "Turbo Tron," an ode to his feline friend taken from his 2013 album Apocalypse.

In the video, which was directed by comedian Eric Andre, Thundercat takes viewers through a day of the life of his cat. Quirky is perhaps the best way to describe the clip that has everything but the kitchen sink in it including (but certainly not limited to) bad throwback special effects, references to '80s infomercials, blood, bad wigs, litter box usage, self-satisfaction using a ball of yarn and even eye lasers. Moreso than just being weird for weird's sake, the clip makes it obvious the things that he holds near and dear to his heart, specifically video games and his much-beloved and possibly superpower-yielding cat.

The video definitely isn't for everybody, especially if you don't find this type of gross-out, over-the-top humor enjoyable. But visuals aside, "Turbo Tron" remains one of my favorite songs taken from the album. Behind the crazy nutty visuals lies a sweetly touching ode to the bond shared between Thundercat and his cherished pet.

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