‘Walk’ Along With Kwabs


If you still don't know about Kwabs (even after our incessant fawning over him), then his latest single "Walk" should will be your ultimate wake-up call to the 24-year-old from London town with the earth-quaking voice. Since "Walk" is such a kinetic and stormy number, it's no surprise that Kwabs would keep the same energy and intensity for the song's visual. Filled with astute panoramic city shots, and Kwabs ever-changing coat of many colors, the video is artistically well done, as we stride right alongside the crooner as he lets off some steam while pounding the pavements of his beloved city.

As simple as the David Mould-directed video is, it draws your immediate attention to Kwabs' and his phenomenal vocals, and if you can't feel the emotion rising off of this number at a sizzling broil, then I don't know if you have a pulse or not. Kwabs is surely keeping forward on the right track, and we'll be walking alongside him every step of the way as he preps to release his debut album in the near future and prepares for possible world domination.

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