‘You’ll Never Find’ A Teedra Moses Remix Like DJ Topspin’s


We haven't had a good breakup anthem to sing to in a while, but this week we have DJ Topspin (aka Blendiana Jones) to thank for bringing one back. The Seattle-based DJ and producer takes Teedra Moses' "You'll Never Find" for a spin to commemorate Complex Simplicity's 10-year anniversary. DJ Topspin takes the song's vulnerable sweetness and adds a gritty edge blending it with the Rick James "Super Freak" vocal sample and music track from Jay Z's "Kingdom Come," which bolsters her lyrics. While she sings about her cat daddy, we find solace in DJ Topspin's perfect layering of R&B harmony and hip-hop energy.

According to his SoundCloud he's been holding on to this gem of a remix since the MySpace days, looking for a specific a cappella version of Teedra's vocals. While he didn't find it, he still worked his magic on this syrupy "I'm the best thing you've ever had" kinda single.We never thought we'd find a better remix to the track, but "Topspin's Queendom Come Refix" just may be it.

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