Swing An Episode In The ‘Backseat’ With Ari Lennox


When we last caught up with Ari Lennox she was "Bound" up in love, but now the songstress is caught up in a different kind of rapture. Lennox ditches all the lovey doveyness for more carnal pleasures in the song "Backseat."

Following in the tire tracks of songs from LL Cool J's "Back Seat" to Beyoncé's "Partition," Ari's "Backseat" is all about getting busy in the back seat of a car, but she puts her own spin on things. The unique timbre of her voice will draw you in, and Ms. Lennox is quite assertive and gets straight to the nitty and the gritty in her lyrics. "Won't you hit it how I like," she begins, which is more of a command than a question, then later she purrs, "Love me long time, while I steam up your ride." Get it, girl.

"Backseat" is a collaboration with Chicago beatsmith DJ Grumble, and these two have proven to be quite a prolific pair with a few songs together already and hopefully more to come. If this track has you open like a 24-hour gas station, then you can add it to your hide-and-go-freak playlist thanks to a free download from Ari's SoundCloud.

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