Bernhoft Puts His Creative ‘Freedom’ On Display


Earlier this summer, Bernhoft released his highly-anticipated new album, Islander. Having already released videos for “Come Around” and “Wind You Up,” we were secretly hoping for some visuals for his incredible “No Us, No Them” duet with Jill Scott. Unfulfilled wishes aside, we’re always happy to consume whatever the talented Norwegian sends our way. His latest video release is for the groovy anthem, “Freedom.” It makes sense, as the song has been a crowd favorite during Bernhoft’s live performances, delighting the audience with his “one-man band” skills.

Because of the idiosyncratic visual treatments given to the album’s previously released singles, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect this time around. Oddly enough, for a song titled “Freedom,” this concept is pretty tame compared to Jarle’s other videos. That’s not to say it won’t keep your attention, though. As laser beams flit and dance across a dark screen occasionally forming images, you can’t help but admit that it totally works with the synth-driven composition of the song. Before long, you’ll find yourself dancing along with the lasers. Just turn off the lights and go with it. And as a bonus, if you connect your computer to your flat screen, you’ll have your very own laser light show. You’re welcome.

Sadly, Bernhoft recently had to cancel plans for his North American tour. Luckily, we can still enjoy a unique experience with the artist via his new app, developed by tech company, HD360. The app (the first of its kind, by the way) offers an HD quality recording of the Islander album and contains cool features like a recording console, loop station, sleeve notes and exclusive video content. The app is currently available for download via Apple’s App Store.

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