Full Crate x Mar Strip ‘Man x Woman’ Down


Full Crate x Mar already brought their single "Man x Woman" to our screens back in June, and now they're back with a sensual, stripped-down version of the song with new visuals. Our favorite Dutch fellas present an acoustic version of the dance track in a black and white filtered video for "Man x Woman (Mar Edit)." "Man x Woman" has been getting massaged quite a bit from the likes of Friend Within and GANZ, so it's no surprise we now have an acoustic version from the creators themselves.

The video, directed by Atlynn Vrolijk, features Mar and his luscious curls, which almost pop out of the screen, singing directly to us. Styled by Olaf Hussein, Mar does a great job as the leading man, and we're left with no choice but to let our hearts melt for three minutes. Although visually engaging, this video is made to focus on the words and essence of the track, and it satiates our need for more music from the Island Records-signed duo while we wait for something new from them. Until that happens, you can listen to "Man x Woman (Mar Edit)" on SoundCloud and watch the video below.

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