Hop On Jaden Smith’s ‘Jetskis’

Jaden Smith Scuba Gear

These Smith kids are nothing if not prolific. We already brought you some newness from Willow Smith with her latest song, "Female Energy (Freestyle)," and now we have big brother Jaden Smith dropping something new for you, too. He continues his steady stream of music with his newest offering, the short and sweet "Jetskis." Kicking his flow over a slick chop of '70s soul (in this case, the sample is Lamont Dozier's "Trying To Hold On To My Woman"), Jaden drops 16-year-old musings that give away his age but still allude to a budding maturity. And because they're rarely making moves without each other, little sis Willow is also around for this jam to kick the chorus.

Clocking in and little more than a minute and a half, "Jetskis" is more interlude than single. But it does suggest that something more is to come, especially with the recent drops of singles and videos coming from from his direction. While some might not be down with the new Smith generation, their latest output shows that they've definitely learned something from their famous parents and hints that they both might have some promise in the years to come.

While we wait to see how that pans out, you can check out "Jetskis" right now.

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