Keyshia Cole Has A Song For ‘N.L.U.’

Keyshia Cole 2 Chainz NLU Still

Keyshia Cole's Point of No Return will be hitting stores next week. The R&B singer has already given us several songs from the project, including "Rick James" and "She." But before the album hits shelves, she's giving us one more moment to savor with the video for her track "N.L.U." The song, whose titular letters stand for "N***as Like U," finds Keyshia lamenting her heartbreak at the hands of dudes like her former flame.

While the song is all about the hurt she feels, none of that is shown in the video. Instead, we get a stylized clip that features Keyshia and the songs featured guest 2 Chainz posing among mannequins, sitting on a (pretty swanky) couch and performing in front of the cheesiest of computer graphics. Much like 2 Chainz's guest rap, it all ha very little to do with the actual song. But, knowing Keyshia's core audience, most of that won't matter. The twosome make up for their lack of relating to the song with a highly-styled cool and ostentatiousness that will surely draw folks in.

Will the video for "N.L.U." make you more likely to pick up Keyshia's Point of No Return? Take a look and see for yourself.

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