Ne-Yo & Juicy J Thinks ‘She Knows’ Where To Get Their Attention


Ne-Yo brings a male fantasy or three to life in the music video for "She Knows." How else would you describe pole dancers popping up in the darndest of places, such as a dollar store, a library or a public park? These very flexible ladies twerk it out on their shiny poles while Ne-Yo sings and collaborator Juicy J later raps. The scenes with the scantily clad dancers are no doubt sexy, but they're balanced with some comic relief provided by the reactions from various actors.

While you watch the pole dancers display their dexterity and athleticism, you may just forget that Ne-Yo and Juicy J's song is the intended focus. But considering how forgettable "She Knows" ultimately is, that was probably deliberate. If you're into gratuitous jiggling and wiggling, then press play on the "She Knows" video below. If you're over the glorification of stripper culture, then don't even bother.

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