Rudimental’s ‘Baby’ Is Reborn In This Ana-Tole Rework


Los Angeles and London-based remixer Ana-Tole pilots listeners on a multi-genre journey with a new take on Rudimental's "Baby."

You no doubt remember the track — which features vocals from Sinead Harnett and He Who Can Do No Wrong, better known as MNEK — was a garage house-infused dance-pop number that was soaked in feel-good rhythms.

On "Baby (Ana-Tole Flip)," the party doesn't get started right away. Instead, a symphonic showcase with strings and the slightest bit of piano make the mood mellow. Once MNEK's vocals kicks in, the pulse of what was once a house beat has been replaced by a mid-tempo, handclap-driven R&B groove.

It's not long before Harnett joins the tune, but not before the tempo gets upped without the thump. This is achieved with that same handclap melody being accented with garage-style piano, '80s-style synths and electronica-inspired builds — all without the pulse commonly found in dance music.

That gets saved for the last half of the track, which fully embraces that thump and serves as great padding for DJs to start mixing in their next record.

Ana-Tole keeps Rudimental's tune fresh — and also keeps it in its lane by starting out slow and eventually bringing the beat back. Not only does the re-take keep things interesting, it keeps listeners on their toes.

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