Shabazz Palaces’ ‘Motion Sickness’ Will Move You

Shabazz Places Motion Sickness Still

Shabazz Palaces' album Lese Majesty houses many songs that will have your head nodding and your mind thinking. The album has also produced some very interesting music videos. Coming off the creative and confounding clip for their track "#CAKE," the duo gets cinematic for the clip for "Motion Sickness."

The clip plays like an episode of your favorite cable crime drama, focusing on a reality TV starlet who has a side hustle of supplying the crew and stars of her show with recreational pharmaceuticals. Off the set of the show, life isn't as glamorous. She lives in a simple apartment with her daughter, and she has a drug habit of her own that she uses to escape. Meanwhile, her young daughter is ultimately left to her devices while mommy chases fame, her habit and her side profession. It all seems to be come to a head at the end, with the woman ultimately coming to a crossroads that could change her life forever.

Get into the visual and, while you're at it, pick up Lese Majesty, which is available now.



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