The SoulBounce Q&A: Mali Music Shares His Musical Growth, Celebrity Crush & Exclusive News About Playing Black Jesus


SB: So, we noticed you rap, too. We’re not going to name any artists who are doing it, but are you planning on renaming yourself with an alter ego and coming out with a rap and Auto-Tune situation?

MM: Nah, Mali Music raps. Mali Music spits. I think that that’s kind of the safety in what it was, it’d kind of be different if I was like "Mali Song" but Mali Music kinda lets me do whatever I want, you know what I mean? From the beginning, if you listen to the initial album, it was the same thing from track one to two to three the genres would flip, and there was no telling where we were going. And with all the things that are happening I kinda want to be relevant to all the cultures and ages…

SB: Right, including using Auto-Tune! [laughs]

MM: [laughs] If that’s what’s necessary to get in. But I take it and make it my own. The closest thing I have to that is “Fight For You,” but its still very true to who I am and what I bring still.

SB: Right, and you keep it original no matter what you do. But wait, can you freestyle?

MM: Always, yes.

SB: Spitting, dropping bars?

MM: At all times, man. I get busy. I make buckets!

SB: Oh okay, we’ll battle after the interview.

MM: [laughs] Okay.

SB: So when you’re writing, what’s the perfect environment to write in? I know you used to write songs in the bathroom.

MM: Open. Yeah, all the way. Under water is really, really good.

SB: How do you…

MM: [laughs] Like showers are crazy, like, voice memos. I know it’s going down, and I’m like "ooh man, I can’t wait for this one." I turn the voice memo on, you know and it just kinda runs and by the time I come out and listen I know by the 10-minute mark that I did something special. But that was before, I’m kinda getting used to studios and stuff like that, but clutter doesn’t really do me good. I’m a pacer, I’m a thinker. Like when the beat’s playing, you always got that one person in the room like *sings badly* "you should sing it like this..." and you’re like "no, you need to get out cause you trying to get a credit, you trying to get a credit."

SB: Right, #thisaintyosong

MM: Ha! So yeah, I don’t like that type of environment and the vibe I’m not really a fan of.

SB: So we’ve been doing some research on you and we noticed some videos of you and your sister. You are really foolish, like super silly.

MM: Thank you!

SB: We had no idea you had this side to you…

MM: See, you know what I’m saying, everyone should see that!

SB: When are we gonna get some more videos of you and your family cutting up?

MM: I don’t know, I don’t know, we’re gonna have to do something soon. But what if I did a comedy, like a movie?

SB: We would laugh.

MM: I already look like Eddie Murphy they say. Yo, Tye Tribbet, my friend, I walked in and I had on some jeans and a denim jacket and he was all "oh, you Beverly Hills Cop 2" today! [laughs]

SB: Oh wow!

MM: I was like "oh, it's like that?" One time I had a blazer on, and he called me the Nutty Professor. He’s funny, you know what I’m saying. We have a lot of fun, and I love laughing.

SB: We do, too, so that means we can be friends!

MM: [laughs]

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