The SoulBounce Q&A: Mali Music Shares His Musical Growth, Celebrity Crush & Exclusive News About Playing Black Jesus


SB: You just released your video for “Heavy Love” tell us more about that. It’s so positive and so good.

MM: Yeah, it’s so against the grain, you know what I’m saying? Like you just get finished seeing the close-up on the belly buttons and all that and like the heels you know, and then then you see people getting married.

SB: And then nothing bad happens, we were wondering, like is someone gonna die?

MM: That’s a strand in my stuff, I like car accidents and snipers and stuff like that. Just something to add a little film.

SB: So you’ve said before one of your favorite songs on the album was “Royalty.” What’s your favorite song to perform?

MM: “Ready Aim.”

SB: Of course, because everyone gets really hype.

MM: Nah, I think everyone gets hype because I get hype first. I don’t know what it is, but when I hear that loop it’s just something kinda wells up, only because of the heart that I wrote it out of. There’s never a time where when you’re doing the type of work that I do and you’re being as positive as I am where the enemy is not trying; there’s always a wrestling. You think that I can just go touch kids and enlighten and bless people without bad things happening to me? So that’s always the outlet and the time on stage when I get to fire back like "you can’t shoot me down" and I love that feeling!

SB: Yes, so you’re shooting people. That's gangsta.

MM: [laughs] Not people, at all!

SB: So what do you have coming up that’s new? A new video?

MM: Yo, you’re gonna trip and this is a very, very exclusive nugget! I just got a trailer, you know Harry Lennix the actor and Obba Babatundé, we shot a film called Revival and in this film I play Christ. It’s a musical. I did the music of it and it’s the gospel of John and it is as dope as it gets because I’m not going far off like "thou shalt not…" It’s not like that.

SB: So you’re not carrying the cross…

MM: No, no, no, it’s Black Jesus, you know what I’m saying. Now they tried to take it and steal our thunder with that other foolishness, you feel me, but it’s kinda funny.

SB: Right, it’s ridiculous.

MM: Nah nah nah, it’s kinda funny though. But we came a totally different angle, and it’s gonna be nuts. So I got some big things.

SB: Okay, so when is it coming out?

MM: I can’t say that yet, but if you keep coming to the shows, I might play it at the show, you feel me? Might play the trailer at the show!

SB: Okay, we’ll just follow you to all your shows then.

MM: [laughs]

SB: Alright, and of course our favorite question here at What makes your soul bounce, Mali Music?

MM: Oh man, what makes my soul bounce? It’s a lot of things that make my soul bounce.

SB: Okay, just keep it PG-13. Well actually, go all the way with it.

MM: [laughs] Right, like "actually no, let’s see where this goes...” But no, good music man and seeing people get it, that just makes it reverberate. Sold out shows in New York and DC, that makes my soul bounce. And with no other people, I’m not opening up for Fantasia or Maxwell, it’s Mali Music on the poster and people come. That blesses me and that means they get it, and that makes all the work that it took not being in vain.

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