Timothy Bloom Will Not Let Anything ‘Stand In The Way’ Of His Love


When R&B artist Timothy Bloom stepped onto the music scene in 2011 with the soul-stirring ballad "Til the End of Time," my heart fluttered as I thought of the hopeful future of R&B music. In that simple yet beautiful song and video, Bloom was able to capture the raw and intense emotions of pure love so well, which is sadly not as prevalent in contemporary R&B as it was in generations before us. Since Bloom's promising debut single, I figured he was quickly on his way to becoming the next guy to love at the top of the R&B/soul charts. However, the charming crooner is taking his time to create meaningful music that will reach an audience beyond the music charts.

Lucky for us, Timothy is stepping back into the spotlight this year with the release of a deluxe self-titled album. The leading track from the new project is "Stand in the Way," another soulful melody where Bloom professes his undeniable love for a young lady. It is a mid-tempo, piano-driven song with beautiful lyrics and has a traditional feel for rhythm and blues, which is much appreciated.

In the accompanying visuals for the single, legendary musician Herbie Hancock guest stars as Bloom's father who gives his son important advice on love and happiness. (Hancock usually does not just pop up in anyone's music video just because, so his appearance is a great endorsement for the talented young musician.) Bloom is smitten with a beautiful woman and does everything that he can to let her know his true feelings for her, but someone keeps getting in his way of the budding romance. Peep the video below to see if Bloom can finally get the girl, and be sure to check out his new album, Timothy Bloom, on iTunes.

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