We’re ‘Cuckoo’ For Raleigh Ritchie

Raleigh Ritchie Trees

Raleigh Ritchie has been firmly on our radar ever since we first heard his brooding "Stay Inside" last year, and we always look forward to a new release from his direction. He delivers yet another track to brood to with his latest single, "Cuckoo." But, unlike "Stay Inside," this one is laced with a deceptively hot beat as opposed to a somber groove. In fact, it's fairly reminiscent of '90s era Timbaland mixed in with a bit of Jay Z's "Jigga My N***a."

But, while the beat is a definite party starter, the song seems to be about dealing with mental illness and its effects. "Who needs friends when you've got drugs?/Who needs drugs when you've got love?/I don't care 'cause I've got nothing left to do/I'll get through," he sings on the song's morose chorus. Heavy stuff. Speaking of heavy, British rapper Little Simz drops a heavy 16 on the track with a nimble flow, essentially owning it and almost upstaging Raleigh himself.

Word is that Raleigh has a few things that will be coming from his direction in the near future, including a possible full-length album. While nothing is set in stone as of yet, you can most definitely nod your head to "Cuckoo" right here when you press play.

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