Christian Gregory’s D’Angelo Cover Will Make You ‘Feel’ Alright

christian gregory_dangelo cover

As D'Angelo preps for his The Second Coming Tour in Europe, fans in other parts of the world have gone back to our regularly scheduled programming now that the hype surrounding his new project has died down. However, thanks to the likes of artists like Christian Gregory, we can at least look forward to new renditions of D'Angelo's hits.

Gregory fearlessly steps up to the plate with his live version of "Untitled (How Does It Feel?)." Armed with his stellar vocals, a guitar and the sounds of the city, Gregory takes to a Brooklyn rooftop to pay homage to the song's enigmatic originator. While it is certainly hard to fill D'Angelo's shoes, Gregory delivers the goods with his flawless falsetto. Rather than attempt to reinvent the wheel, he sticks with the song's steamy formula and knocks it clean out the park. I mean, I could go on but why should I? Press play and see for herself how Gregory's "Untitled" feels just right.

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