J Moss & Faith Evans Express Love On ‘You Make Me Feel’


With his latest album soon to be released, gospel singer and producer J Moss has given a hint of what to expect from it in the form of his duet with Faith Evans. "You Make Me Feel" is a number that gets spirits suitably warmed up for the chilly weather with its piano-driven, R&B rhythm layered with Moss and Evans' buttery smooth vocals. With voices as divine as theirs that instantly fill up the heart with good feelings, "You Make Me Feel" is a song to be savored, despite its short length that will have you yearning for more.

Starting off quite sparse and building as it goes, this tracks structure echoes its lyrics, in the sense that without love everything feels empty, but being surrounded by love makes everything richer, more whole, full of life. The union of Moss and Evans is a sweet but short one, while the song's lyrical content, which is overflowing with sentiments of joy and gratitude, will appeal to lovers of both gospel and urban adult contemporary grown folks music.  Which is quite fitting as the name of Moss' soon-to-be released album, featuring "You Make Me Feel," is just that, Grown Folks Gospel.

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