Jessie J Delivers A ‘Masterpiece’ Of A Lyric Video


As Jessie J continues to promote her Sweet Talker album, she’s released a lyric video for the tune, “Masterpiece.” The song, which touches on the inspirational and, as mentioned in a previous SB review, has an “accept me, flaws and all” appeal, showcases the perfect visuals to complement its message.

In the clip, we follow a ballerina who is trying to master her moves ahead of, as far as we can tell, either an audition or a recital. As she practices, she occasionally stumbles, missteps and possibly even suffers an injury.

But through this the young lady’s determination shows as she pushes forward, trying to better herself and work on her final performance. "I still fall on my face sometimes / I can't color inside the lines / I'm perfectly incomplete / I'm still working on my masterpiece," the lyrics go, as they are brought to life by the young woman's continued pirouettes and pliés. Perhaps most inspiring of all is that the dancer is able to look at herself in the mirror and smile, proud of her accomplishments of falling and continuing to get back up again.