Mali Music Gives Us A Little Rap With His ‘Rock’


In an interview with us a few weeks ago, Mali Music said he had bars and he wasn't joking. In the gospel/R&B crooner's latest offering, "Rock (Diamonds)," he uses his rap skills and lyrical talents to give us a good ol' message about love. Sampling Beyoncé and sprinkling a little Jesus on top of it all, Mali only gives us a snippet of his own vocals as the track is rap heavy. Using a screwed sample from Queen B's "Flawless," Mali raps about the significance of marriage. While on repeat, Yoncé's lyric "My rock, flawless" support the subject matter, going just a little bit deeper and lending a more serious tone than "Heavy Love." Mali raps, "Marriage ain't just something that you try / Either you can stand it or it dies" and "Love's such a beautiful thing / But to her it's a verb." It's clear that Mali wants a solid love, as solid as his faith in God.

Whether you're ready for it or not, Mali is taking you on a musical journey and he's swerving in every lane he can. One minute he's reggae, the next pure gospel and before you know it he woke up like dis with bars you had no idea could come out of the artist. He's versatile and evolving, but what remains constant is his dedication to having a significant message in any art form he releases. So before you put on a ring on it, decide if you like it and if you do go ahead and add "Rock (Diamonds)" to your playlist and head bop your way into Mali's ministry of love.

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