Mary J. Blige Gets Pretty Emotional ‘When You’re Gone’


Mary J. Blige is hitting us with another release from her upcoming album, The London Sessions, and while she's flooding our timelines with promo after promo, we are not mad at all. After giving us a little lyric love from her last release "Therapy," today Mary gives us her emotional ballad "When You're Gone." While she skillfully tries to pull some tears out of us (we're just going to chalk it up to our allergies if it does happen), we can thankfully concentrate on the beautiful production supporting her effortless vocals. Keeping it soulful with a balanced mix of guitar and violin, the song is a sweet ode to a lost love which features some sad and sappy lyrics we can't help but get into. "When you're gone / I miss you like I did when we were first together / No one in the world could ever hold me better / Just tell me when you're coming home," Mary sings. If you're missing someone or something, these lyrics apply to you.

Mary's only giving us the audio right now, but we're going to assume, as with her other singles, that a lyric video is on the way for this one as well. If "When You're Gone" touches your spirit, it is actually available now and you can get it instantly when you pre-order The London Sessions on iTunes. Listen to Mary's latest single and get your Kleenex ready for your feelings to come undone in less than three minutes.

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