Mary J. Blige Gives More ‘Therapy’ For Capitol’s ‘1 Mic 1 Take’ Series

Mary J. Blige Therapy 1 Mic 1 Take

Are you loving Mary J. Blige's "Therapy"? If your answer is yes, then we've got great news for you. After delivering a stirring performance of the song on Sunday's American Music Awards, the singer reprises it for Capitol's "1 Mic 1 Take" series and gives it a special bit of oomph. While each of her live performances of "Therapy" have been for large audiences, this take feels much more intimate and personal, perhaps because it's just Mary and her crew of musicians in the room. It could also be because Mary full on takes it to church at the end of the clip, with organs swelling and the musicians kicking it up a few notches. If you're not anxious to grab The London Sessions after watching this, then we don't know what to tell you.

However, if Mary's stellar performance was just up your alley, then we've got more great news for you: The London Sessions is streaming right now on iTunes Radio. Take a peek at the performance and be sure to pick up the album when it arrives in stores on December 2nd.



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