Mary J. Blige Sings Through The Pain On ‘Not Loving You’


Mary J Blige Ripped Jeans

Just a couple short weeks away from the release of her much anticipated album The London Sessions, Mary J. Blige is sharing yet another track with her friends and fans. While she has kept up with the dance party with “My Loving” and “Nobody But You,” went to church with Sam Smith on “Therapy” and gave us a classic Mary bop on “Right Now,” “Not Loving You” returns her to those down and out ballad roots that many know and love most from her.

Believe it or not, this time around Blige isn’t singing about her man not loving her, but instead she’s fed up with his lack of love for himself. “Marching in to try to save the day/It never works out/Always hopeful that I’ll make a change/What’s that about?” she sings. As always, the pain in Blige’s voice is what drives the song home and forces you to believe every single moment of this piano-driven number. Mary is clearly holding nothing back with this album. But then again, when has she ever? Prepare your heart for The London Sessions when it hits stores on December 2nd.

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