The SoulBounce Q&A: Anthony Hamilton On ‘Home For The Holidays,’ Touring & His Favorite Christmas Memories

Anthony Hamilton Green Suit

SB: What’s your favorite Christmas song of all time?

AH: Favorite Christmas song of all time? I like “The First Noel.” “White Christmas” is a beautiful song. Although I wish it was a black Christmas. Call me ignorant. [laughs] Yeah, but yeah, that’s a beautiful song. And [sings] Christmas just ain’t Christmas without the one you love. There’s so many, man…

SB: That’s a good one, too.

AH: “Drummer Boy,” all that. I like it all. Give me the music.

SB: What’s your best memory of Christmas, your favorite moment of any Christmas you ever had?

AH: Favorite moment of Christmas was the year I fell out of my bunk bed on my knee and the first year I got my bicycle on Christmas.

SB: Oh wow.

AH: I peddled the swelling out of my knee [the] same day. It was cold. I had never had a bike in my life. I think I was like nine years old when I got my bike. I think I had a tricycle before that, but not a bike. I was up to speed. I was rolling. I got my first bike and I was ready. That was the Christmas I was so anxious, I fell out the bunk bed and bumped my knee. I’m still bumping my knees.

SB: Crunch time: Give us five reasons why your Christmas album is the must-have album for this holiday season.

AH: Five reasons? It’s sexy, it’s refreshing, soulful. It’s for the lovers and families and it’s Anthony Hamilton. What better way to spend your Christmas?

SB: Outside of the Christmas album, can we expect any new projects coming your way in the near future?

AH: Immediately I’ll start working on the Anthony Hamilton solo album, the next Anthony Hamilton LP.

SB: And we can't wait to hear the next Anthony Hamilton LP. So tell us, what makes your soul bounce?

AH: What makes my soul bounce? Giving to other people makes me happy. Seeing everybody else happy, not just me.

Anthony Hamilton's Christmas album, Home for the Holidays, is in stores now.

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