Wherever Mary J. Blige Goes With Disclosure, We Will Surely ‘Follow’

Mary J Blige Disclosure Disco

While it was an unexpected combination, when Mary J. Blige joined Disclosure on the remix of their track "F For You," it was a match made in musical heaven. And with MJB teaming up with the duo again on The London Sessions, it was guaranteed that some dance floor-worthy heat would undoubtedly come from the union. While "Right Now" was definitely a two-step in the right direction, the latest leak from the set is sure to burn many a disco out.

"Follow" finds Mary firmly in the Disclosure boys territory, with a groove heavy on synth bass, thudding kick drums, handclaps and hi hat that's almost reminiscent of Settle track "Grab Her." But one of the main differences here is the addition of Mary's sass, which is on full display here, with MJB warning a potential paramour on the bridge, "Don't waste your time / Play with my mind / Or you'll regret it / I write the rules / Boy, shame on you / You won't forget it." While the verse and chorus are enough to make any Mary fan happy, it's when the song starts to build near the end that it really hits the sweet spot. As Mary's distorted voice repeats "Give it all or give it nothing / Give me love or give it up," while the track works itself into an almost gospel house fervor.

Please believe us when we tell you, this might just be the best four minutes of your day. Press play to listen to follow and, as if you haven't already, pre-order your copy of Mary's The London Sessions — which arrives Stateside on December 2nd — on iTunes now.

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