‘Hold Up Wait A Minute’ & Watch Antonique Smith’s New Video


It's been over a year since Antonique Smith released her single, "Hold Up Wait A Minute (Woo Woo)." Although we got a high quality lyric video at the time the song was released, we've been patiently waiting on something -- anything -- from this triple threat beauty. Relief comes in the form of an official video for the single, and Smith does not disappoint. From the looks of it, she called in a few favors from her friends in the acting world, enlisting actor Larenz Tate as the director and Lance Gross as her rebound guy in this funky and soulful kiss off.

In the video, she finds herself on the wrong side of love thanks to a wayward lover. However there's no crying over spilled milk in these streets. Instead, she goes kicks him to the curb and throws a party where we are introduced to her new Mr. Right in the form of the sexy Mr. Gross. Heartbreak would certainly be a better pill to swallow if we all could bounce back with someone who looked as good as him. Despite the fact that we all can't be so lucky, it's easy to revel in Smith's victorious stance anyway in this fun and upbeat clip.

For his part, Tate does a great job of capturing the song's fiery energy as he showcases a leggy Smith dancing and stomping her way through the streets of Los Angeles. "Hold Up Wait A Minute (Woo Woo)" is expected to appear on Smith's long-awaited debut album, Love Is Everything, which is slated to drop sometime in 2015.



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