Lion Babe Sets Their ‘Jungle Lady’ Loose In The Streets

Lion Babe Jungle Lady Still

They might've just released their EP this week, but feisty New York duo Lion Babe had us at hello with their track and video "Treat Me Like Fire." Their latest single, the sexy, sensual "Jungle Lady" also had us positively mesmerized with its spacy, hypnotic sound and singer Jillian Hervey's alluring vocal.

To translate all that sexy into visual form, Jillian takes to the streets of urban jungle New York City dressed in her finest bohemian chic attire as she dances and moves effortlessly within the slightly hazy feel of the visual. She looks every bit the wild child here, with makeup painted on her face in vivid designs and her wild hair free for all to witness, as she sings the song's romantic lyrics and draws the viewer in with a come hither stare that could stop traffic. Partner-in-crime Lucas Goodman is absent from this particular clip, however, as he probably didn't want to compete with all the desire that Jillian exudes. But as it's his booming, reggae-inspired groove that sets this whole thing in motion, his presence is definitely felt.

Catch the transfixing visuals right here, and be sure to run out and cop the duo's self-titled EP, which is available on Amazon, Google Play and iTunes now.

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