Mi Casa Makes ‘Your Body’ Move In New Video


You ever have one of those days when you're in a funk, but then your favorite song comes on and suddenly all is right in the world? That's the scenario that takes place in the video for South African house band Mi Casa's latest song, "Your Body."

When the video begins, everyone seems to be walking around in a dreary daze. Everything is colorless and flat. That is until the video's main protagonist puts her headphones on and lets the music take hold. As soon as he places her headphones in her ears, she instantly perks up and the color rushes back. Pretty soon, she's dancing through the streets, spreading the contagious joy of music with everyone she comes in contact with.

One of those people is Mi Casa's lead singer, J'Something, who bumps into the dancing lady and brightens up once she shares her music with him. Pretty soon, there's an impromptu street party going on and everyone within earshot is invited as Dr. Duda and Mo-T provide the soundtrack.

As always, Mi Casa delivers another dance infectious dance tune that's sure to make you move. Whether your day got off to a great start or has been less than cheerful, everyone's day can end on a great note with a little Mi Casa in your life.

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