Pitbull & Ne-Yo Show Us How To Have The ‘Time Of Our Lives’


Pitbull Ne-Yo Time Of My Life Still

Pitbull and Ne-Yo are doing us a favor by showing us how to bring in the new year. In the latest video for Pitbull's single "Time Of Our Lives," we watch the duo get invited to a rent shindig and party like rock stars into the new year. While rent parties are a thing of the past, we get to celebrate vicariously through the visuals that are chock full of color and vibrant energy."Time Of Our Lives" is a thoughtful mix of dance, hip hop and smooth R&B, with Ne-Yo on the chorus to seal the soul into the mix. Dominoes, twerk contests, indoor graffiti and of course a karaoke station all make for a grand time at the party while Ne-Yo and Pitbull also have fun in between party scenes dressed in their 2014 best. Though it's unclear whether enough money was raised for rent, what is clear is that everyone had the time of their lives.

The single can be found on Pitbull’s album, Globalization, and on Ne-Yo's upcoming album Non-Fiction, which debuts January 27th. While the two work hard promoting their respective projects, when they come together they can do no wrong. Watch the video and let us know if "Time Of Our Lives" will be your party anthem this New Year's Eve.

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