Stephanie Mills Takes Us ‘Home’ At Soul Train Awards 2014


Effortless. That's one word to describe Stephanie Mills' performance last night at the Soul Train Awards 2014. The R&B singer and Broadway star performed her old standard from The Wiz  by belting out "Home." When the diva sauntered on stage in her blush pink lace dress, everyone sat up a little in their seats because they knew she was about to bring the house down. Even host Wendy Williams looked on with admiration in her glittery house shoes. With solid vocals, Stephanie sang each verse with an unwavering confidence you can only expect from a timeless talent.

The performance was just as good last night as it was in 1989 and the audience showed their appreciation with a standing ovation before she even reached the end of the song. Stephanie let it all out in the last 30 seconds, leaving everyone in her presence and the rest of us at home wanting more. While we're sure the songstress has performed "Home" fifty-leven times, she sang it like it was her first for the Soul Train audience and we loved every second of it. Watch Stephanie's performance, and let us know if her vocals help you decide to walk down that yellow brick road with her.

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