T-Boz Launches Search For The Next Girl Group With ‘Project Next’


Who better to start a girl group than someone who's been in one of the most successful female groups of all time? Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins of TLC fame just launched "Project Next," a competition to find the next sangin', dancing and style-having girl group to take over the world. With 22 years of music industry experience under her belt, we can trust that T-Boz will do more than a decent job selecting talented women and bringing them together to create musical magic. T-Boz is taking video submissions online, which include a performance of one original ditty and of course a cover of "Unpretty," which T-Boz penned for TLC.

While we're happy T-Boz wants to give the gift of global success to a few ladies through her talent search, we're not entirely sure who asked for this. We can, however, breathe easier knowing that it's not a repeat of T-Boz and Chilli's previous talent search, R U The Girl, where they searched for a third member of TLC. (Never forget.) But anyway, the winners of “Project Next” will get whisked away into the recording studio and start shooting a reality TV show, so we get to potentially watch the next successful girl group blossom before our eyes. T-Boz is providing commentary and also letting online viewers vote for their favorites during the search and final selection with the ItsASecret by TweetSecret app, available on iPhone, Android and PCs. Visit the website or watch the video below to hear more about "Project Next" from T-Boz herself.

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