The SoulBounce Q&A: Elle Varner Gets Candid About Artistic Growth, Relationship Drama & ‘Four Letter Word’

Photo Credit: Diamond Digital Portraits

Photo Credit: Diamond Digital Portraits

SoulBounce: So you just performed, you’re on tour, DC is your first stop on this teaser you’re doing. Tell us more about that and your new album.

Elle Varner: I’m really excited, it’s preparation for the new year. It’s like you said it’s a teaser, it’s giving people a sneak peak of what this album is about. It’s showing my fans the next level of Elle Varner, you know. If I’m watching somebody or listening to someone for a couple of years I want to see some growth so I know that I brought that and that’s what I want to share. I miss them, I miss performing, so it just feels so good to be up there.

SB: Good, I mean everyone enjoyed it. I was up there jamming in the back. Speaking of performing, what are you usually thinking before you get on stage?

EV: Oh God, tonight it was a million things. The bottom line is sometimes things go completely wrong and sometimes they go completely right, you never know. At the end of the day what I say to myself is ‘just have fun and connect with them, they’re human too’ and I told myself ‘just share yourself’ because that matters.

SB: Right, and be perfectly imperfect. It's been a few years since your debut album Perfectly Imperfect, this might be a loaded question, and I'll try not to be fake deep, but how have you evolved since Perfectly Imperfect until now?

EV: Oh my God, I’ve lived so much life, I’ve experienced so many things, love, heartbreak, change, disappointment. I mean I’ve grown up, that girl who sings “Refill” and feels insecure to talk to a guy, or ‘not tonight,’ past that. I’m like ‘what you bringing to the table homie?’ [laughs]

SB: Right, and f**k it all!

EV: ‘F**k it all, get the f**k out!’ Nah, but it’s true, I’m still coming into my own and then the next album will be wherever that is. It's like my albums are like a mini-school. First you’re in middle school, then high school, then we’ll be in college next year [laughs]. We’re all growing together.

SB: So where are you right now? Is this high school or…

EV: Right, well I don’t mean high school but the concept. Right now I’m in that woman phase, it’s definitely young woman, it’s not ‘girl.’

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