The SoulBounce Q&A: Elle Varner Gets Candid About Artistic Growth, Relationship Drama & ‘Four Letter Word’

Photo Credit: Diamond Digital Portraits

Photo Credit: Diamond Digital Portraits

SB: The new album is called Four Letter Word, what is this word?

EV: It’s not a word, that’s the whole thing. The concept behind it is it’s an open title to take from it what they feel, what they experience because when I came up with the title, my four letter word was probably ‘f**k,’ or ‘hate’ or I don’t know like ‘loss’ or ‘lost’ and now my four letter word is probably ‘live’ or ‘heal’ or I had a good one the other day, but it changes all the time. And the album captures so many different four letter words, so many different feelings.

SB: So it’s always evolving?

EV: Always evolving. What’s your four letter word?

SB: Since we’re on the topic, what’s your favorite curse word?

EV: F**k!

SB: Okay, I figured but I thought I’d ask.

EV: Are you f**king kiddin’ me! [laughs] It is, I cuss like a sailor.

SB: Do you? We had no idea.

EV: Sometimes I like to kick off my clogs or birkenstocks, take off my holy socks and just *screams* ‘f**k!’

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