The SoulBounce Q&A: Elle Varner Gets Candid About Artistic Growth, Relationship Drama & ‘Four Letter Word’

Photo Credit: Diamond Digital Portraits

Photo Credit: Diamond Digital Portraits

SB: Speaking of the word 'f**k,' the video for “F**k It All” is awesome. You should be an actress, I don’t know if you’re leaning in that direction…

EV: After this album!

SB: So in this song, were you mad or nah? Tell us more about it.

EV: In the song, hell yeah I was mad. I mean, I think as an artist, as a songwriter it’s one of my proudest moments because I crossed the threshold with that song. It was either you’re gonna play it safe or you’re gonna keep it cute and be in your head or you are going to crack yourself open like a damn whatever and let what’s in there go and that’s exactly what that song is. And it’s stages of what ‘f**k it all’ means, the different ways that it applies.

SB: And out of curiosity, how would you handle a situation like that where you see your partner’s phone and find out he’s cheating?

EV: *takes a deep breath* First I would get a shovel [laughs]. Umm, probably the exact way that I address it on the album, and in “Cold Case.” I’ve got this case on my hands I just can’t crack, hmm, I’m gonna investigate. I’m not just gonna react. It’s more calculated.

SB: Okay, smart I see your game, how to get away with murder. And you mention “Cold Case” we see you had your fans, creative folks, create videos for the single, how’d you get that idea? I was watching some of those videos today by the way, they’re kinda crazy.

EV: They are crazy!

SB: They’re insane.

EV: They’re insane! I mean, but it just-- what I couldn’t believe watching them was like there’s a whole world out there. Almost every one of those videos was from a whole other country, and to see that these people in Spain or Poland, there’s one with two lesbians chopping wood somewhere and their crazy grandma. And there’s one with the black guy and with the milk. When I write that or when I sing it, I see the same video in my head, I never see all these different scenarios so it just shows that the music is massive.

SB: What made you do that for “Cold Case” in particular?

EV: Umm, you know, I think it’s a good thing because if I had taken the typical approach who knows if it would’ve been as colorful or different as it could be.

SB: So you’re actually gonna use the winner as your video?

EV: Yes!

SB: And when are you announcing it?

EV: Any day, probably like Monday.

SB: I can’t wait to see who wins because there were some great videos.

EV: There were!

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