The SoulBounce Q&A: Elle Varner Gets Candid About Artistic Growth, Relationship Drama & ‘Four Letter Word’

Photo Credit: Diamond Digital Portraits

Photo Credit: Diamond Digital Portraits

SB: When is Four Letter Word coming out?

EV: *breathes hard*

SB: Okay, next question…well next year right?

EV: Next year.

SB: Well we’re excited about it. What else can we expect from you because I know you recorded it within a week right?

EV: Yes, I recorded the bulk of the album in five days and it just, it needs, I needed to step away from that space to actually look at everything. Now what was missing for me, where’s the ‘it’s gonna be okay song?’ Where’s the ‘you’re gonna be okay,’ where the song that has nothing to do with this fool. Like, okay great, we broke up, but at the time it was like 'Oh my God, we broke up! I’m gonna make a whole album!'

SB: So this was a real situation and you were like okay, I’m gonna make a whole album to purge -- hence why you did it in five days.

EV: I didn’t plan to, it’s just that you know, I was in that space with people. Pop & Oak, who I’d made most of my first album with, we just have that relationship where I feel comfortable for them to even see me like that. I mean they’d never seen me like that.

SB: And now we get to.

EV: And now you get to!

SB: Did you collaborate with anyone else on the album?

EV: Lots of collaborations, can’t make any promises, but I’ve worked with pretty much everyone you can name.

SB: So I know you’re super empowering, inspiring and strong. I don’t know if you know this but you are. What’s your spirit animal, because I know you have one!

EV: Ohh! Wolf!

SB: Okay, a wolf, why?

EV: Because a wolf is misunderstood, wolves are very nurturing, very loyal, they’re looked at as the big bad wolf, but they’re just a very powerful animal and I just see myself in the snow, and I don’t know…it’s a wolf, a she-wolf!

SB: Okay, we love it. And our favorite question here at, what makes your soul bounce?

EV: What makes my soul bounce? Good vibrations from people; I believe in energy. If I could color it, you’d see the friggin rainbow around me all day!

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