You’ll Wanna Play Coolout’s Erkyah Badu Remix ‘On & On’


It's safe to say that Erykah Badu's debut single "On & On" is considered a bona fide classic as it began the turning point for the new soul movement, marking the first time a neo-soul record hit #1 on the R&B charts. As the world turns, and soul takes new forms with each passing year, we sometimes forget about those cornerstone moments that led us to the sounds we consume currently. Philly beatmaker Coolout reminds us of the fluidity and groove that "On & On" has as he bends and shapes it into a hypnotic house jam that is fit for the Afro-future kids of today with his "Disgo" remix.

True, some of the raw earthiness of Badu's original is misplaced, but the poetic wisdom spoken still shines through the slats of galloping synths and the results are quite nod-worthy. You might even find yourself doing a little more than nod your head, as the beat is pretty undeniable — so consider that a warning to your feet. To hear a new side to one of Badu's best, you don't need $3 and six dimes, as the track is free to download via SoundCloud.

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