Adina Howard Readies A Return To The ‘Game’

Adina Howard Love Is A Losing Game Still

Remember R&B sexpot Adina Howard? In 1995, the singer jolted our senses and turned us on with her debut album Do You Wanna Ride? and singles like "Freak Like Me" and "My Up and Down." Though her lyrics were all about titillating, her vocals were the real deal. But after a shelved sophomore album and two follow ups that failed to catch fire with the public, it seemed that Adina was destined to be a story for the "Where Are They Now?" files.

Now, 20 years after her debut, Adina is ready to get back in the game, and she's doing so with a much different sound. To prepare fans, she's giving us a peek behind the scenes with an acoustic cover of Amy Winehouse's tortured classic "Love Is a Losing Game." The singer's voice is in fine form, capturing the subtleties of the song and conveying the yearning heartbreak that Amy infused it with. What else is interesting is that while her voice has been known to be brassy at times, she completely reins it in here to almost a quiet whisper as she emotes. Definitely an impressive showing.

There have been rumblings that Adina has been working on a new album, tentatively titled The Switch Up, for release this year. While we wait for more official word (and a release date) take in Adina's cover and let us know what you think.

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