Hot 16: SoulBounce’s Best EPs & Mixtapes Of 2014


Diggs Duke The Upper Hand And Other Grand Illusions [Amazon][iTunes][Google Play]

Diggs Duke is nothing if not prolific. Since we named him Bounce-Worthy in 2012, the singer has released his debut, Offering for Anxious, and more EPs than a little bit, including his most recent, The Upper Hand and Other Grand Illusions. A slight departure in style, The Upper Hand found the D.C. native trying new sounds and styles on for size to great effect. Whether it was the ‘90s bump of “Forever Love Is Tainted,” the inventive, fast-paced calm of “Private Island,” the laid-back funk of “The Pinnacle (Of Class and Taste)” or the progressive sound of “Secrets Seem Rehearsed,” the six-track EP never bored and often exhilarated, showing that Diggs, a musical jack of all trades, is as versatile as he is talented. -- D-Money

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