Midé Leads The ‘Way’

Midé Sitting On Mountain Side

The world can always use more joy and inspiration, and it looks like London singer Midé is bringing just that with his big new single “The Only Way Is Up.” Serving as the introduction to his four-track EP of the same name, this sure-fire international anthem starts off on a high note and builds, eventually ending on an even higher one. From the heavy drumming of Max Lauder, Gershom Mutambo’s guitar strums, Dayna Fisher’s bass blessing to Midé’s powerful way with words, this track is 3:47 of magical instrumentation and expression. “But even when you break down/Don’t you ever give in / And you know that when you comes down to it / The only way is up/Way up,” Midé sings.

Along with The Only Way Is Up coming later in this month, Midé is celebrating and preparing for a big year of headlining shows and a series of House Concerts across London. For now, pre-order your copy of The Only Way Is Up EP, and let this title track prepare your for a fresh new start.

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