Prince & 3RDEYEGIRL Take Us On A Trip To ‘Marz’

Prince 3rdEyeGirl Marz Still

Prince and 3RDEYEGIRL's PLECTRUMELECTRUM knocked our socks off when it rocked onto the scene at the end of last Septemeber. Still, though His Purpleness and the ladies gave us an epic performance on Saturday Night Live, we haven't gotten much in visual support from the album. They change that with the release of the official video for  "Marz."

For the most part, the clip is just footage of the crew rocking out to the song on a stage. But, instead of offering just a simple performance, a few hazy, psychedelic filters are added to the mix. This creates a wavy, trippy feel to the affair, like you're watching an old videotape after taking a hit or four of LSD. Still, while it's at least interesting to look at and always a joy to see Prince in action, we can't help but wish for the creative visuals that Prince used to offer in the '80s and '90s (or even something fun like the clip for "Breakfast Can Wait").

That being said, we're still willing to take Prince any way we can get him. On that note, check out "Marz" when you press play.

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