Rahsaan Patterson Shows Us What Could’ve Been With ‘Let It Be Me’

Rahsaan Patterson Silver Bracelets Shades

Oh, what we wouldn't do to go rooting in some of our favorite artists' vaults and see what gems got lost in the creation of some of the most classic albums. That's why when an artist uncovers a lost track or demo, we're all ears — especially if it comes with a good (read: juicy) story. Such is the case with lost Rahsaan Patterson track "Let It Be Me."

Way back in '96, Rahsaan's label suggested the crooner work with The Roots and...well, we'll let Rahsaan tell it:

in early 1996 i completed my first album and turned it in. MCA suggested i work with Questlove and The Roots to see what would come of it. perhaps, a HIT! now, in my mind, that was D'Angelo's crew. and since I've never been one to ride someone else's wave, i declined. and honestly, in my gut, i didn't feel Quest wanted to work with me. long story short, i agreed. I took a couple cats from my crew, Keith Crouch and Kipper Jones with me to Philly. Got to the studio, met The Roots and Questlove. Quest said, 'what's up?' and left. never to return.

found this cassette. transferred it for your listening pleasure.....
hurry before its too late.....

While it's sad that nothing more came of the collaboration, we definitely thank our lucky stars that "Let It Be Me" resulted. The song is reminiscent of Al Green in his heyday, with the '70s orchestral soul arrangement and Rahsaan's vocal fitting together like hand in glove. Even when the audio smudges a bit and distorts the sound, you'll still find yourself digging this particular groove.

Ultimately, all collaborations aren't meant to bear fruit, and this unfortunately was one of those. Still, hearing how sweet this sounds, we can't help but wonder what could've been and you will too when you press play. But hurry, as this one can only be heard for a very limited time.

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