Selah Sue Is ‘Alone’ With Herself


With so much music being released on a daily basis, it's easy for some tunes to fall between the cracks only to be rediscovered like coins in between the sofa cushions. A project that was definitely slept on around these parts was Selah Sue's December release, the EP Alone. Her single of the same name registered on our radar a few months earlier, but the EP itself got lost in the holiday hustle.

But now with the release of the visuals for "Alone," it's high time to take a look at what the Belgian artist has brewed up as well as have a belated listen to the EP. In "Alone," we see Sue all by her lonesome singing this groovy lamentation about her newly single relationship status to herself in a room filled with mirrors. The lyrics may be sad and Selah may appear pensive, but she's soon dancing with her reflection as she reflects and strumming away her pain on the guitar. Hey, whatever gets you through, sis.

Take a gander at Selah Sue in action right here, and if you're digging this visual interpretation of "Alone," then be sure to cop Alone, the EP, right now on iTunes.

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