Tiffany Evans Tells Columbus Short He Has To ‘Go’

Tiffany Evans And Columbus Short

Months after releasing “Baby Don’t Go” and jumping back into the game, Tiffany Evans is giving her latest single new life as she drops a music video for the song. Evans reminds us once again that she’s not a little girl singing in Tyler Perry movies or bragging about promise rings anymore as she hops out of a car in a sexy little black dress and tells her man that she’s had enough. If nothing else, this video is commendable for giving Columbus Short something to do with all of his newfound free time. He may no longer be playing the role of Harrison on ABC’s hit series Scandal, but Tiffany has granted him the opportunity to play her love interest here.

Unfortunately for Short, Evans doesn’t have the time for his shenanigans, and she is ready to walk out on him. “Don’t tell me that you’re sorry now it might be over,” she sings angrily before breaking into another impressive dance routine. While this video is dope and there may be hope for Tiffany Evans’ bright musical future, we’re not too sure about what’s next for Mr. Short. Nonetheless, if you're digging this track, download your very own copy of “Baby Don’t Go” from iTunes now.

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