Track Record: A Brief History Of Timbaland’s Protégés

Vonna Jewelz Crown

Vonna Jewelz

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Noteworthy Factoid: Childhood friend of Babs Bunny of Making the Band fame.

Vonna Jewelz is yet another female rapper that Timbaland has recently courted as a protégé. A childhood friend of Babs Bunny from Diddy’s show, Making the Band, Vonna Jewelz says she didn’t make it to the audition because she unfortunately didn’t have train fare. Luckily, Vonna caught the attention of Timbaland after releasing her mixtape in 2011 and rapped for the mega producer over Skype. Currently, the MC of Puerto Rican and Panamanian decent is working on her upcoming LP, Having Fun and Boasting, which will boast hip-hop beats with a Latin flare.

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