We’ll Never Be ‘Burnt Out’ On Kandace Springs


Kandace Springs Burnt Out Video Still

It ain't hard to tell that we love us some Kandace Springs around these parts. One listen to her had us clamoring to name the singer Bounce-Worthy and her self-titled debut was a shoe-in for our Hot 16 of the best EPs and mixtapes of 2014. So when we learned there was a Kandace tidbit that we'd missed last month, we surely had to rectify that situation.

If you follow Kandace on any social media platform, you know that she's pretty giving when it comes to sharing her journey, and in December she shared a clip on Facebook of her singing "Burnt Out" with her fans. The song, co-written by her, Jack Splash and Stacy Barthe, finds the singer lamenting about a relationship that has basically left her spent. While it's beautifully written, the highlight of the clip is Kandace's emotive piano and her beautiful voice, which evokes the sound of some past jazz and R&B greats.

We can't help but wonder where exactly "Burnt Out" will land or how it will sound once realized in a studio. Perhaps it will be a piece of her upcoming full-length debut? While we consider the possibilities, check out this stripped rendition of the song right here.




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